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Friends enjoying Community Day

A safe space for heroes of all stripes

Theatre alum Jay Aaron Roy opened Cape & Cowl Comics with dreams of doing more than sharing his ‘geek pride’—he also wanted to create a safe space for youth in the community.


Pride Flag on Studley Campus

Dalhousie Pride Week

Join us as we celebrate events on campus and in our community.


PhD student Phillip Joy

PhD in Health student tackles queer men's body image in comic book

Philip Joy is bringing his research to life through his comic collection "Rainbow Reflections: Body Image Comics for Queer Men.” The comic features 40 international artists and will be launched to the public on Sept. 13 at the Halifax Central Library.


Dalhousie grad student Taylor Hersh takes a photo of sperm whales.

Listening to whales

Grad student Taylor Hersh’s innovative research is helping us learn more about the behaviour, movement and culture of sperm whales—and how they talk to one another might not be all that different from us.


Stay at Dal this summer

Residence rooms are open to tourists, conference attendees and summer students. Learn more about rooms and rates.


Summer Camps

Registration is now open. Choose from a variety of camps—all designed to educate, challenge, and inspire children ages 5-17.

DalSAFE Campus Alerts

Are you signed up for Dal’s *NEW* alert system? Subscribe to receive campus alerts via text message.

Community Report

It has been a remarkable year. Imagine what we can do next. View our 2018-19 Community Report.

Start On Track

New students are invited to get a head start in preparing for first semester. Learn more about Start On Track.

Presidential Search

Learn more about the selection of Dr. Deep Saini as Dal's 12th President at the Presidential Search website.